Friday, April 21, 2017

Good Morning, James McAvoy

Even though I only thought Split was a moderate success at what it was doing it does still boast a fantastic performance from James McAvoy, and so ever since watching it a couple weeks ago I've been on a bit of a James McAvoy mental kick, which you all have seen the fruit of here and here. We're also pretty excited about this too:

As if that movie didn't already have enough to recommend it, what with Bad Ass Charlize. (I'm surprised we haven't gotten a picture of James McAvoy in the mesh yet though. Sad face.) Anyway we'd like to wish James a happy 38 today, and we're gonna do so by sharing some gifs of him from his time of the original Shameless show. I actually forgot he was even on that show, and just ten years ago at that. How far we've come, Mr. McAvoy. Hit the jump for more...

Cheeky, James. Cheeky!

And even though I ought to save these for a rainy day... well, it's raining! So here are a couple gifs of James & Joe Anderson skinny-dipping in the movie Becoming Jane, just cuz. 

I feel like Joe is staring kind of intently at James in that first gif, and I like it. I like it! But why do these costume dramas feature so many scenes of men skinny-dipping with women watching them do it? I guess I'm just thinking of the scene with Rupert "hey we were just talking about you yesterday" Graves and Julian Sands in A Room With a View, but it does feel like it's "a thing," doesn't it? Insert some wise statement about repressed characters finding freedom and expressing it through a oneness with nature, while the ladies discover they can have those warm feelings down below, et cetera, et cetera...

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