Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pics of the Day

Alias Grace, the new Margaret Atwood adaptation (following the currently-wowing Handmaid's Tale, of course), keeps coming up in conversation these days and I keep not remembering who's starring in the dang thing, so I'm glad I've finally got photographs (via) to aid my bumbling brain now. I kept thinking Sarah Polley was starring in the thing but she's just (just?) writing and producing, while American Psycho director Mary Harron is directing. 

But acting duties have gone to Cosmopolis star Sarah Gadon as the lowliest servant girl who stands accused of murdering her boss and his main housekeeper (played by Paul Gross and Anna Paquin). There's also a role for London Spy super-hottie Edward Holcroft...

... I'm guessing he's an inspector because he's very determinedly writing in his little booklet there. I'm getting real "Rachel McAdams, Serious Journalist" vibes from that photograph. Zahary Levi also stars, although strangely IMDb has no idea who he's playing.

Then again I've never read this book so damned if I'd know anyway.  Anybody read it? So there are more pictures at this link; the show debuts in Canada in late September but it also hits Netflix sometime this Fall - hopefully there's not too much of a break between one and the other. You've already got Justin Trudeau, Canada. How much do you need???


Canadian Anon said...

I'm usually not a fan of Atwood's writing, which is sacrilege for a Canadian to say, but Alias Grace along with The Handmaid's Tale reside in my list of favorite books. Something clicks on those two books for me that do not on almost everything else she has written, and I've tried. I've really tried!

All that is a long-winded way of saying read Alias Grace, which IMO is her best book. It doesn't make me popular in Canadian literature circles, but eh.

homeslaughter said...

Edward Holcroft has to be the young doctor which means you will get sex scenes. I wonder who is playing his lucky landlady

Anonymous said...

There is no one listed on IMDB for the landlady, was just looking to see who that lucky person is.