Thursday, May 18, 2017

Good Morning, World

I would apologize to Downton Abbey actor Allen Leech for what I'm about to say but since that dude hasn't taken his shirt off but the couple of times that we have already covered it ain't my fault -- there's nobody celebrating a birthday today that I can exploit properly (but a happy birthday to Allen, anyway - now go find yourself a sexy job) and there's a lot of real-world news for me to plow through today so I am just going to send y'all over to this gallery of Jamie Dornan pictures that I posted on the Tumblr yesterday for this morning's "Good Morning" post. (And yes, that was all one sentence. I am the master of run-ons. The Master!) Click on over for more!

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mtmslg said...

Swoon! Loves me some Jamie Dornan! Feel free to post pictures of him anytime.