Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rachel McAdams, Serious Journalist

As I told you guys I went and saw Room last night (probably more on that later) and before it started I was subjected to the usual twenty minutes of trailers (is it just me or have the amount of trailers they show gotten a wee bit out of hand?) -- I covered my eyes for the trailer for The Witch because I refuse to see anything before it comes out (and I have a very long time to cover my eyes since the studio is being dumb about it and waiting all the way until February); I groaned my way through the trailer for The Big Short, which I hadn't seen, and appears to be this Fall's preeminent Great Big Wig Movie. So much fake hair, good grief it was distracting. 

And then there was that, the trailer for Spotlight, which I also hadn't seen before; Spotlight is the movie about the journalists covering the church abuse scandal that stars Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and in Very Serious Journalist Lady mode Rachel McAdams. Why do I point out that she's playing a Very Serious Journalist Lady? Because in basically every shot of Rachel McAdams in the trailer for Spotlight she's doing a Very Serious Journalist Lady pose. So a list!

Top 5 Rachel McAdams Very Serious Journalist Lady
Poses in the trailer for the movie Spotlight

1. Rachel McAdams, Very Serious Journalist Lady, tosses her hair and places her determined chin in her hand, so she can listen better

2. Rachel McAdams, Very Serious Journalist Lady, leans forward while scribbling in her Very Serious Journalist Lady Notepad

3. Rachel McAdams, Very Serious Journalist Lady, looks back, very seriously,  over her Journalist Lady Shoulder while still scribbling seriously in her Very Serious Journalist Lady Notepad

4. Rachel McAdams, Very Serious Journalist Lady rubs her Serious Journalist Lady Eyes from doing too much Serious Journalist Lady Work in the library, where the Serious Journalist Ladies congregate to do their Serious Journalist Lady Work

5. Rachel McAdams, Very Serious Journalist Lady, harried in that Serious Journalist Lady way, sticks a serious business Post-It onto her computer casing, amid the trappings of a neat but disorderly Serious Journalist Lady desk, where she no doubt at some point has blown the steam off of soup inside of a deli container (That shot is not included in the trailer.)

I am worried that Rachel McAdams, Serious Journalist Lady, might lean forward so far while taking her serious journalist notes that she could fall right off her chair. Posture, Rachel McAdams! Posture! I know you care, you care very deeply about Serious Journalist Things, but you should also care about scoliosis.


Dave S. said...

Hilarious. She's clearly drawing on all her "State of Play" experience, so at least that movie paid off for someone.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome.

MM in DC

joel65913 said...

I suppose this is her mirror image from Morning Glory! Lots of fun reading.

You are not alone in thinking previews have gotten out of hand. I went to see Bridge of Spies the other day and there were about 20 minutes if not more of them. I like previews but come on! After a while they all just ran together and I stopped paying attention just waiting for the feature to start. Four is just about right.

Aquinas1220 said...

My problem isn't so much with the number of previews shown but how much of the film they show in the preview; it's practically a synopsis of the movie and shows waaaay too much. Case in point; Crimson Peak. I went based on your advice here (loved the movie by the way) but since I had already seen the trailer, I kind of knew the whole film