Thursday, April 20, 2017

Scudder Rediscovered

It is the 30th anniversary of James Ivory's gay classic Maurice in September and glorious heaven the film has gone and gotten a great big fancy 4K restoration, huzzah! It will screen here in New York at the newly renovated Quad Cinema on May 19th - The Quad is actually doing a whole series, starting with Maurice, on Queer Film, but the details for that will come later I guess.

Anyway for such a series Maurice is a lovely place to start. I saw the film screened in 35mm last year and it's a gorgeous piece of movie-making, as lush as anything Merchant Ivory is famous for but woefully under-seen. This will fix that! I imagine it will get a great blu-ray release after playing some theaters, which is long overdue - it's basically out of print right now! Here's the trailer for the re-release (and if you want to see a poster click here)...
... there's not nearly enough Scudder in this trailer though.


Sam said...

Sweet Jesus, Rupert Graves, the love of my life.

par3182 said...

best rough trade picture: maurice or love is the devil?

Pierce said...

He's the Police Commissioner on Sherlock, now. Good for him. He also made a lovely movie called Different for Girls.

dk468 said...

Whoa, this should date me ....30 years!