Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Good Morning, World

I avoided reviews of M. Night's film Split for a very long time because I knew there was a twist and I didn't want it spoiled, and once I did finally see the film just a few weeks ago I realized I wouldn't have cared, but I especially do wish I would've seen it told somewhere that James McAvoy spends the entire last ten to fifteen minutes or so of the movie topless ...

... that would've gotten me to the theater pretty definitely. Oh well. Well now it's out on blu-ray so y'all shouldn't make the same mistake I did and delay any longer. Oh and the movie's pretty fun. Dumb, but fun. McAvoy is having a terrific time and Anya Taylor Joy is once again a fine presence. In related news our pal Jose got to chat with Betty Buckley about the film and working with M. Night over at The Film Experience, go read that!

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