Friday, March 24, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Crimson Peak (2015)

Lucille Sharpe: They're dying. They take the heat
from the sun, and when it deserts them, they die. 
Edith Cushing: How sad. 
Lucille Sharpe: No, it's not sad, Edith. It's nature. 
It's a world of everything dying and eating 
each other right beneath our feet. 
Edith Cushing: Surely there's more to it than that. 
Lucille Sharpe: Beautiful things are fragile... 
At home we have only black moths. 
Formidable creatures, to be sure, but they lack beauty. 
They thrive on the dark and cold. 
Edith Cushing: What do they feed on? 
Lucille Sharpe: Butterflies, I'm afraid. 

Happy 40th birthday to Jessica Chastain!

Cannot wait to see her work with Xavier Dolan,
who also just celebrated a birthday...

And that photo-shoppery from Jessica led to an actual public Social Media conversation between Xavier and crush (and recent shirtless selfie snapper) Sebastian Stan, which is entirely documented right here (thanks Mac) but which comes down to Xavier being the sort of shameless leering fan that I personally empathize with profoundly...


Anonymous said...

If Sebastian doesn't work on a film with Dolan, then what is the point?

Ryan T. said...

We're all Dolan TBH. We all need a Jessica Chastain in our lives.