Friday, March 10, 2017

Pic of the Day

As if that scene of Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun gratuitously lounging around in their boxer briefs in the first season of Preacher was not enough (hat tip - it wasn't enough, it will never be enough) the first batch of photographs released for the second season gives their homoerotic bromance a little nipple tweak with a shot of the two snuggled up cozy-like... oh fine, okay, I edited Ruth Negga out, so sue me.

No offense, Ruth, ya know I love ya. These things set their own terms, is all. Anyway Preacher will return on June 19th -- here's to hoping we get more of this, and this and this, please.


Hawt said...

Okay but... Where's Gilgun's other hand? ��

Mark Alexander said...

Room for one more in that bed? Preferrably between Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun?