Friday, March 10, 2017

Do Dump or Marry: Three Big Nerds

Here on Buffy's 20th I considered being nice and making y'all choose between Buffy's main men... but it turns out that I've done that one before! (And even though it's an old post you can still head back there and comment on it.) So instead today I will make y'all "Do Dump or Marry" a tougher trio... tougher as in more difficult, not sturdier. I speak of The Nerd Trio, of course -- Warren and Jonathan and Andrew, the surprise super-villains of the divisive sixth season. (For the record I love that season.) Give me your answer in the comments, and then feel free to go read this Oral History of the characters that Vulture did a couple of years back.


Row-bin said...

Do: Warren, because even though he was evil he was always pretty cute.
Dump: Andrew, because no offense to Tom Lenk, but I worked with him and he had a huge ego.
Marry: Jonathan, get some of that good Empire money.

Row-bin said...

Worked with him maybe 8 years ago, he might be better now.

MD said...

Do: Jonathan (I have no strong feelings about Jonathan, honestly)
Dump: Warren (I hate Warren so goddamn much)
Marry: Andrew (he'd eat you, starting with your bottom, on a daily basis!)

Anonymous said...

Dump: Warren into a volcano.
Do: Andrew might be fun for an evening if you could get him to shut up.
Marry: Jonathan's adorable, sneakily brave and could be carried over the threshold without slayer strength.

notthebeachboy said...

I have to say this was tough... I have always had a weird crush on Warren (that chest hair!) so .... DO Warren (almost said marry him - I can change him! lol)
Dump Jonathan (get a backbone buddy)
and marry Andrew - his ridiculousness would keep me laughing forever....

Dan said...

Do: Andrew
Mary: Warren
Dump: Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Do: Warren (chest hair!) but only with bondage equipment so you wouldn't actually have to listen to him.
Marry: Jonathon
Dump: Andrew (cannot stand him)

Anonymous said...

Still not over my bitter disappointment over the supermodel dates of Andrew being female in the Buffy spin-off Angel