Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Which is Hotter?

I re-watched 3/4s of The Searchers when
I stumbled upon it on TCM this weekend because...
...and that reason, clearly, 
is Natalie Wood handling human scalps.

Okay, okay, that's only the second most important reason.
It's more like wham bam...

... paint me taupe and call me Ma'am, Jeffrey Hunter. So yeah, Jeffrey Hunter. I mean I do love The Searchers - it might be the only Western that doesn't involve Heath Ledger corn-holing Jake Gyllenhaal that I've seen more than once, but I can't pretend my reasons are purely cinematic form and function. I have other forms on my mind...

Fine forms, indeed. So we've done great big gratuitous posts on him before but it's been awhile, and since he's now sitting spread-eagle in some snug chaps on my mind we might as well go ahead and have some fun with him while he's there...


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verbocity said...

Sailor Of The King which is Die Hard on an arid, little island (and without the failing marriage subplot)