Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gratuitous Jeffrey Hunter

When I stumbled on the above lust-inducing picture of the actor Jeffrey Hunter I knew it would be the leading image for this post, but it was actually a different shot focusing upon Jeff's blazing eyeballs of ice that convinced me to make this post in the first place, so we should also get to those quickly...

Yeah that's what I'm talking about. Good grief, what a looker. What's weird is in looking him up I found out he died at the age of 42 (he had complications from an on-set fall that spiraled out of control) and I haven't actually seen him in that much, but he's always held a place in my brain. I guess thanks to The Searchers...

... which uh, makes sense. That's a thing that lingers. He also played Jesus in King of Kings (critics ridiculed him for being too young and pretty, calling the movie I Was A Teenage Jesus!) and he was the original Captain Christopher Pike on Star Trek (Bruce Greenwood played the character in the first JJ Abrams movie).

He kind of reminds me of Cheyenne Jackson mixed with some Michael Shannon, I think? Anyway I'm doing a lot of talking when what I ought to be doing is prodding you after the jump to stare at about sixty-five more pictures of this pretty pretty man. So let's!

Several of these pictures are via this terrific website devoted to Jeff.


Dave R said...

He was actually supposed to be the star in Star Trek, however his wife nixed it because she thought it would be detrimental to his career, which is why we have Captain Kirk and not Captain Pike. The ended up editing the initial pilot into the 2 part episode known as The Menagerie.

joel65913 said...

From the couple of pictures where he was just starting to grey you can tell he would have aged well and been just as attractive in another way had he not suffered that fall and passed away so young.