Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Karl Glusman Ten Times

I did an accidental double-feature of Karl Glusman this week - I told you earlier I re-watched Nocturnal Animals, but I also gave another spin to Nicolas Winding Refn's film The Neon Demon (here's my original rave review of that, which I totally stand by) - and so the big fella's penetrated my brain today. These pictures were shot by Annie Powers for Notey - there's also an interview with the actor if you like at that link. Anyway the boyfriend didn't recognize Glusman in both films, I had to point out it was the same dude, which convinced me I needed to ask this question...

And no fair writing in Gaspar Noé's film Love as your answer - ejaculating in 3D gives that role an unfair advantage. And you can now hit the jump for the remainder of the photo-shoot...

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