Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good Morning, World

Lost amid the tumult of the past week's relentless nightmare qualities is the fact that I rewatched Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals a second time - I tweeted about it at the time though, so hoo boy if you're not following me on Twitter are you missing me rambling some more. You wouldn't want to miss that! Anyway I continue to have complicated, but in a good way, feelings towards the film (here's my review in case you missed it)...

... I think it's messy but I think it's a fascinating messy, a singular messy, made by a man clearly wrestling with some shit. Shit I personally find interesting. I know people's mileage may vary on that count - I have heard how, and often - but I think there is so much friction between its fancy-pants side and its lowbrow "I'm gonna show you Aaron Johnson's used toilet paper" side that there's a lot to wrestle with in the movie, worth wrestling with.

Did I say worth wrestling with? I'd wrestle with Jake anytime. Anyway we already capped Aaron's touching toilet scene (sans that one disgusting moment, because no thank you) so it's Jake turn (it's always Jake's turn) - hit the jump for Tom Ford making Jake sitting on a hotel bed in just a pair of jeans feel like Caravaggio's sleazy fuzzy cousin...


Carlos said...

This movie reminded me of Live Flesh and some other 90s Almodóvar thrillers very much. I´m pretty sure Tom Ford has been pretty "inspired" by them.

hugo holger schneider said...

go and see