Monday, December 05, 2016

What Are Armie Hammer & Joe Manganiello...

... doing together?
Most people assume they're tweeting at each other about Armie getting cast in a DC role that will play some part in either Ben Affleck's Batman movie (Joe was recently cast in that) or in Justice League or in Aquaman - something that just hasn't been announced yet. I see a lot of people thinking Armie could be playing Green Lantern. It occurs to me though that Joe could just be congratulating Armie on impending Baby #2, too.

Or maybe Joe is a really big fan of the book Call Me By Your Name and cannot wait to see him and Timothee Chalamet going to town on each other. I think you know which option I am choosing to believe for today, at least. In all seriousness though let's hope DC happens because it would be a pleasure seeing Armie & Henry Cavill grab-assing on red-carpets again.


Wayne B said...

That last photo makes my pants tight.

Spencer said...

Speaking of which, Call Me By Your name got a premiere date for next month at Sundance and there are two stills of the movie out there, too! Unfortunately they are very PG.