Monday, December 05, 2016

RIP Van Williams

The star of the Green Hornet television show (and the star of many of my Green Hornet television show related wet dreams) died today at the tender age of 82 - Variety has a good piece on his career right here. But if you want pictures well man have I got you covered on that front - click here to check out our ol' great big gratuitous post on the actor from a couple of years back. It's a good one.


joel65913 said...

Geez this year has just been friggin' relentless with the loss of so many notables from all areas of entertainment and now Van! I still haven't recovered from Florence Henderson going so suddenly.

I was looking through one of those "People We've Lost" montages and realized that from The Patty Duke Show alone we've lost Patty, Richard and Pop-O this year!

Nickelodeon said...

I swear, in this photo he looks like the perfect lovechild of Christian Slater and Zac Efron! 😍