Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Good Day, Westworld

I hope that everyone's main take-away from the Westworld finale was that we need a Rodrigo Santoro & Leonardo Nam love-affair to happen next season. It's mine! Seriously though I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts - mainly because I am home sick and this is all the post you're gonna get today and it will fill in some of the emptiness, but also because this is a show that wants, needs, begs, to be talked about. 

Like - how about the rest of this scene, with that homosexual predator getting stabbed up the backside like every homosexual predator in mainstream entertainment has gotten since time immemorial? That was something. Something you'll see in loving detail coming up after the jump actually, since Rodrigo was naked when it happened. So just be prepared for some blood alongside your ass when you hit the jump is all I am saying...


Anonymous said...

I knew I could count on you.

I loved the finale, mostly. The season as a whole has been hit and miss. Or hit and sometimes drag-y. The Dolores/William-Ed Harris/Teddy debacle has not been my favorite thing, and I have a huge grin when Dolores shot The Man in Black dead. Then groaned when he ended up being not dead at all.

I'm curious what you think about your acting nemesis Thandie Newton because I think Maeve has been one of the better aspects of the show. And I'm disappointed they killed off the wonderful Sidse Barnett Knudsen (although kind of a thankless role, but wish they'd given her more to do) and Shannon Woodward who's Elsie was a much needed energy bolt outside of Westworld.

The Charlotte character has not been good. I'm sorry Tessa Thompson, but I kept thinking how good that character could be if an older and greater actress played her and finally settled on Octavia Spencer. I kept imagining how much she could bring to the role, preferably if she was written more dangerous and unhinged instead of "mysterious and sexy".

And I barely recognised that the actress who plays Armistice is the awesome lead in the Cold Prey movies!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I still have issues with the show (both Westworld and "Westworld" are a little too eager to play to straight men's fantasies and assume that this appeals to all of us) and the Dolores/William storyline wasn't as interesting as the writers thought it was. But I am so here for Maeve and Felix. I really hoped she would escape but alas, it was not meant to be.