Friday, December 02, 2016

Good Morning, World

Secret Gay Prison Sex Romp Assassin's Creed is not the only movie Michael Fassbender has coming out right abouts now -- Trespass Against Us, his movie with Brendan Gleeson (we showed you the trailer in September) supposedly hit DirecTV last week and will be moving on to movie theaters in January. (The 20th to be precise.) Once upon a time I might've side-eyed that release plan but that's exactly how they rolled out Fassy's cowboy movie Slow West and I adored that so we'll see. 

Anyway yes that there is a clip from the movie, which is where I'm getting the "Fassy smoking in bed" gifs from (more of which are below) but first let me also share a promotional photo for the movie, because...

... between this and the skin-fest that Assassin's Creed (which strangely is all about him being brutalized and abused by men in uniform while shirtless - I'm sensing something being worked out here!) is turning out to be it would appear that Michael is very happy with how he looks right now, and I would just like to offer the most sincere thank you, alongside oodles of positive reinforcement on top of more oodles of enthusiastic encouragement. Keep doing your thing (specifically this thing), dude. Hit the jump for more...

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Unknown said...

This movie was a gift for "swinging loose" Fassbender. It's even more blatant than in Slow West. See these gifs: