Thursday, December 01, 2016

Lose Weight the Michael Fassbender Way

The more I see of Assassin's Creed the more I wonder how bizarre and gay and bizarrely gay it's going to be -- there seems to be a whole lot of half-naked Michael Fassbender getting manhandled and manhandling in return the male guards (see also) of this weird cyber-prison he's being kept in, and then that giant robot cock keeps sticking itself up his backside...

It seems to be trying to out-fetishize The Matrix, which really is a fool's errand - you're never gonna out fetishize the Wachowskis. But keep trying, please! Here's the new clip:

In related news in a TV interview the other day Fassy's co-star Marion "Crazy" Cotillard had some sexy fun at Michael's sexy expense talking about his on-set proclivities:

"He works out a lot. And he's very vocal... And sometimes you don't even know if he's actually working out or doing something else."

His reply: "They're all calorie burners." So now we know why Michael Fassbender's so damned skinny! He fucks the fat off. I mean... I suspected as much. But it's nice to have confirmation from the man himself on one of my many, many suspicions regarding him.

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