Friday, November 04, 2016

The Night HE Came Home

Jennifer Kent's bloody brilliant Babadook (emphasis on brilliant, for the most part) played at Sundance in January of 2014. It came out in US theaters about 10 whole months later, in November of that year, a wait that was excruciating for some, not so excruciating for others, like me, who saw an advanced screening in March. Ha ha, I rule. But it was exhausting spending the next several months reminding everybody that they'd need to see the movie when it eventually came out and I did a good job of that, so I suffered too.

Anyway we first heard that the pop-up book from the movie was going to be produced right at Halloween of that year - here's our post reporting that. And a month later the book was available for order - here's our post on that. And then... well then two whole years passed! The movie got good critical attention and came out on blu-ray and now it routinely makes the lists of the best horror movies of the decade, the new millennium, and ever. I've seen it countless times by now, and it's as powerful as ever; I can't lavish enough love on the dook dook dook.

And now I have a Babadook of my own because yes, finally, it has come home. The pop-up book arrived last night and I think you'll forgive my geek-out when I admit I was actually literally quivering as I opened up the box. It's been a lot of build-up! Kent has been sending emails out about the exacting process of creating the book semi-regularly this whole time and let me tell you what - it shows. 

This thing is an astonishment. It is terrifying and beautiful and a wonder to hold in your hands. If I can't lavish enough love on the movie I'm full the fuck out of words of praise for the pop-up book. Like the Instagram says, it is already my favorite thing. If I am running from meteors or space aliens and I only have time to grab one thing I will take the time to skin my boyfriend alive to make a protective satchel for my Babadook book so I can carry it safely into the brave new world. 

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Yummy Pizza said...

Amazing. So jealous!