Thursday, October 30, 2014

If It's In A Word Or It's In A Look

Look at this thing! Ahhh! 

I got this little promotional Babadook item in the mail yesterday, and it has made my entire week. Boom, to quote The Lego Movie, everything is awesome. 

What's weird is right when I got home and opened this thing in the mail I also was reading an email from the director Jennifer Kent herself - not a personal one, unfortunately I haven't made her my best friend yet; she emailed out an update to those of us on the list waiting for news of an official version of The Babadook book to get made. You can sign up to be on the list here. It seems as if it really will happen, thank goodness. But here's I'll just let y'all read what she wrote:

Hi everyone,

It's Jennifer Kent here, writer/director of The Babadook.

Firstly, thank you for showing so much interest and support in our film. The enthusiasm we've experienced worldwide has meant a lot to us. Any film is hard to make, this one was f*cking hard! So when we hear that people saw it and they really liked it, it makes it all worthwhile.

I thought it was time for a Babadook pop up book update because we've been keeping it quiet these past couple of weeks.

We are working at the moment on creating the best possible book we can. We want to include the existing pages from the book in the film, but also throw in some new ones, elaborate on the Babadook story a little, and make it a stand alone companion piece to the film. This is very exciting for us and hopefully for you too! Who doesn't want a book on their shelves that they wished they'd never bought because they're too scared to walk past it! I know I do!

Pricing a book like this and making it viable is taking us a little longer than anticipated, because we want the book to be of superior quality. So I just wanted to let you know personally that we're still working on it. And we really hope that once we get all our ducks lined up, you'll be able to jump in and support the campaign, be a real part of getting this thing made. It'll be a win win situation for us all - make a pledge and pre-order a copy of the book in the process. Enough pre-orders and we'll have our book published.

We don't have a book price yet but we're working on getting those figures for you asap.

My hope is that you'll all want to grab a copy of the book to keep in your homes; maybe even give a copy to your friends and/or family you bunch of sickos! (And I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

Talk soon.


Once you guys see the movie I can pretty much guarantee you're going to want a Babadook book of your own, so file this information away for later use. And speaking of seeing the movie - I have been paying all kinds of attention to the release date on this sucker, since it seemed strange to me that it wasn't coming out until long after Halloween has passed here in the US (November 28th, to be exact) -- well out of nowhere today the movie's Facebook page announced the film is on demand on DirecTV right this very second! YOU GUYS!!! Sell your cable box and get DirecTV right this second. if you don't have DirecTV where you live, MOVE. (Here's a link to my original review of the movie.)

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