Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Matt Dillon's in the House

The House That Jack Built is a serial-killer drama (it might even be more of a horror than a drama but we'll see) that Lars Von Trier's been trying to get made for a few years now - when I say "trying to get made" what I mean is that he has been having so many personal issues that he's been personally unable to get it done; he's said himself that financing is not a problem. The problem was his own sobriety? Or something. Anyway it was going to be a TV series (and if you remember the last time Lars did a TV series then you were thrilled at that prospect) but now it's going to be a movie and his star is going to be the dude pictured up top, one mister Matt Dillon.

I posted some vintage pics of Matt back in February for his birthday and I wondered right about then what the deal was with his career - it seems like he always gets good notices whenever he works but like he doesn't work very much anymore. "Seems like" doesn't tell the whole story though because scanning his IMDb page shows he does do about one project a year; occasionally a little more. I didn't watch that Wayward Pines show but that was a steady gig for him. 

Anyway maybe it's just the fact that he keeps himself pretty private - you never hear much of anything about him. God, it's refreshing. I have no idea if he's a crazy actor person or what, and I like that. But this is a pretty big juicy role so I imagine we'll hear some stuff about Matt and this project over the next couple of years. So stay tuned.

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