Thursday, February 18, 2016

Good Morning, World

A happy 52 to one-time dreamboat Matt Dillon today (with a special shout-out into the ether for Wild Things, my beloved Wild Things) -- these pictures are a 1983 shoot by photographer Bruce Weber, and as I looked them up I found this little factoid: Sofia Coppola says she styled Stephen Dorff in Somewhere after this shoot. 

I don't really see it, but maybe there's a specific moment in the film she's talking about. Anyway she's of the perfect age to think "Matt Dillon" when she thinks "effortlessly cool," so it makes sense. Hit the jump for three more pictures from the shoot...


Anonymous said...

Oh, what an effect Wild Things had on my blossoming homosexuality!

J.D. Alexander said...

oh my gosh! Wild things did that to me too. lol