Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Danish Beasts


I saw a TV commercial for Fantastic Beasts last night and the above image of the actress Alison Sudol flashed by very fast and I swear to you, I am not bullshitting this in the slightest, that I thought for a second that Eddie Redmayne's Danish Girl had wandered into the Harry Potter universe. And from there I imagined a movie where Eddie Redmayne was playing all of the characters, and I was amused for a minute... but only a minute because I hated The Danish Girl and I thought he was awful in that film and I really want to see Colin Farrell as a wicked wizard with a hot haircut. So no thank you, Eddie Redmayne. (And while we're at it - no thank you, Johnny Depp! God I can only imagine what "whimsy" he will bring to the Potter'verse.)

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