Thursday, November 03, 2016

All I Care About Dragon Tattoos...

... can be stuffed into Daniel Craig's little black briefs (and was) so if he doesn't return for a sequel I'm probably also out, but we've got word that a different director is toying with picking up the franchise -- Fede Alvarez, whose decent if goofy horror film Don't Breathe I just reviewed last week, might be making The Girl in the Spider Web which, if you're keeping track, is the fourth book in the book series and the first not written by its original author Stieg Larsson. 

Anybody read it? I haven't read any of the books but I liked Fincher's film quite a bit - that said I don't really have tons of interest in seeing more, especially without Fincher or Craig (and his briefs) or Rooney Mara attached, and the actors are a big question mark. Seeing as how Fede Alvaraez has had Jane Levy as the star of his past two movies (Breathe and the remake of Evil Dead) I could see him bringing along his apparent muse to play Lisbeth, if Rooney's a no-show...

... and I do like Levy a lot, and she's proven herself capable of some transformation, which... well Lisbeth Salander is a role that calls out for some transformation for an actress. Thoughts? If you were re-casting the series who would you cast? Or is it blasphemy to put anybody in those black briefs after Danny's stretched them out?


Anonymous said...

My dream cast for another Dragon Tattoo movie is Fassy as Blomkvist and Tatiana Maslany as Lisbeth (If you watched the last season of Orphan Black, her character MK is similar to Lisbeth and I could see her go all out for this.)

That being said, I'd be willing to see another movie helmed by Fede Alvarez and Jane Levy is not a bad choice at all for Lisbeth.

Anonymous said...

Actually, as much as I like Craig as an actor and ESPECIALLY when he's in those little black briefs, I thought he played it all wrong. He was way too cool, calm and collected - frankly, he was way too Bond-ish for the role. I felt like he barely made any real choices for this character so he just fell back on his usual Bond tricks. Yes, there should be something kind of sexy about him but he should also be a scared journalist out of his depths trying not to get killed.

Having said that, I'm TERRIBLE at casting things so I'm drawing a blank on who it should be instead.