Thursday, November 03, 2016

I've Grown So Close To You, Boy

Well hey look it's the first poster and trailer for Danny Boyle's second Trainspotting movie, reuniting all the old addled gang -- the second that Ewan started rattling off a new iteration of his "Choose Life" speech over top of the song "Born Slippy" by Underworld all of the hairs on my body stood on end and I think maybe I am having some kind of drug flashback to college right now. Every cell in my body is crying for more more MORE. (Naked Ewan McGregor doesn't hurt on that count.)

I'm actually kind of surprised by the probably measurable psychical reaction that my brain and body are having to this trailer, which in retrospect seems silly -- I'd just met the news of this sequel with some cynicism originally, but seeing it all there, Sick Boy and Renton and the lot, smashing shit and tripping balls...

... well, it feels like home. Y'all take a hit yourselves
and let us know what you're feeling in the comments!

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