Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Am Link

--- Yes Sir Alex Sir - Picture this: You're a soldier and Alexander Skarsgard is your squad leader. Basically you'd do any horrible thing he told you to do if he let promised you a barracks cuddle afterwards right? Well save the barracks cuddle thing (probably) that's the plot of The Kill Team, a movie that's just been announced that's adapting the documentary of the same name. And yes this being based on a real-life doc about soldiers doing horrific things to people really dampens the sexiness quotient. It's still Alexander in uniform. It can't be totally dampened.

--- Camp California - Even though I've posted about the movie a couple of times I still haven't seen the infamous flop Moment By Moment, which tried to pass off a romance between Lily Tomlin and John Travolta, much to my chagrin. And my chagrin just got chagrinnier, because writer-director Bruce La Bruce just wrote up a terrific piece on the film as intentional camp a la Sirk, and now I cannot put it off any longer. There was a copy floating around the internet recently (the film's long been buried) so I'm on it.

--- Sex Them Bots - When I posted those pictures of James Marsden naked on Westworld the other day I asked y'all if you were watching the show and it seems like y'all are, whioch is good, it's worth watching and discussing, I think - and I like that I've seen a lot of questioning this week going on about the sexuality of the male robots, and if the show intends to gay itself at any point, because these questions plague me too. This piece at Fusion on this subject is pretty keen on the subject. I don't understand how the James Marsden Robot isn't getting fucked every second he's, you know, turned on.

--- World War Buffy - Joss Whedon has finally opened his yap about what he's working on! I'm glad to know he's working on something, anything, honestly, and not just playing Shakespeare with Amy Acker in his backyard all day long. But this, via this interview with him at Complex, sounds pretty damned exciting!

"I'm in the middle of a screenplay that I am extremely passionate about, and I am going to be extremely passionate about it again on November 9. It’s definitely a departure from the things that I’m known for. It's as dark as anything I've ever written... I just said, "OK, id, your turn." I would write scenes and be like, "Oh this is great! I shouldn’t be allowed near people." It’s a historical fiction slash horror movie about a time when the world was going insane, World War II."

--- Shrinkage For Shackleton - Many a Brit fella has played Sir Ernest Shackleton, famous Antarctic explorer, in small TV projects - fellas like Derek Jacobi and Kenneth Branagh. But somehow there's never been a big movie about the man, and that's about to change - Tom Hardy is set to play him in a movie from the writer of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I'm sure Shackleton's adventures will be veddy cinematic and all but it's depressing to think of Tom Hardy buried under all those winter clothes. But hey it's not like we've never seen Tom Hardy roll around butt-naked in the snow before, so hope lives!

--- Save Crake - Westworld out of the way, what the heck are the dopes at HBO thinking: Darren Aronofsky says that the studio's not making his series MaddAddam, based on Margert Atwood's brilliant trilogy of books that began with Oryx & Crake. Aronofsky says he's not giving up though and he's hoping some other studio will snap up the project, and I second third and fourth that shit. Hey Netflix, you've got your next great big thing right here! One thing I didn't know about the project - the scripts were written by Joss Whedon's sister-in-law Eliza Clark. She's worked on Animal Kingdom & Extant previously. I wanna go to the Whedon house for Thanksgiving!

--- Have Patients - Did you see the picture of The English Patient stars Kristen Scott Thomas & Juliette Binoche & Ralph Fiennes at a 20th anniversary screening in Rome this past weekend? Good grief it's like all of heaven stuffed into a couple of inches - it is ravishing, ravishment, ravishillisimo, so forth. I know I was watching the Oscars before 1996 but it's Binoche's win that's my most vivid Oscar memory from youth. I was transfixed by her immediately, in her dramatic crimson velvet dress. And I never let go!

---  And Finally I hadn't heard anything about this out of Toronto but it sounds perfect for Halloween - Ruth Wilson stars in I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (that's a great title), which is about a young nurse who goes to an isolated house to care for an ailing horror writer (a character based on Shirley Jackson!) played by Paula "The Stepford Wives!" Prentiss, when things start going bump. I really like Ruth Wilson and I welcome the opportunity to watch her in something that's not The Affair, which i had to stop watching because I can't stand Dominic West on that show. Anyway the movie is being dropped on October 28th on Netflix, and below's the trailer. I hope it's spooky!

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Shirley Jacksonness achived. This is giving me real We Have Always Lived In The Castle vibes.