Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good Morning, World

Yesterday's "Tom Hardy getting his bare bum spanked in a sauna" post turned out to be popular - which really doesn't surprise me! - so why not double dip? I do actually have something new to share - the video! I could only find gifs of the scene yesterday - which I shared in typically gratuitous detail - but this morning thanks to these fine folks I was able to find video of the scene. And there's even more Tom Hardy Bum to enjoy! Actually there might even be a bit more than bum if my eyes, ever vigilant, don't deceive me...

That's Tom laying on his back naked in the snow, 
and I sense a shadow... ahem
Anyway watch, learn, live, love:



billybil said...

Damn I wish I could hang out with Mr. Hardy. Damn.

J.D. said...

me too, billybil.