Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quote of the Day

"I mean, look at my life! I'm naked in front of Anthony Hopkins, playing a robot. I welcome the craziness. And of course he's a consummate pro. We would cut, and in between takes, when I wasn't allowed to get up and put a robe on, he would tell me stories, acting as if I was clothed. It's funny; when you're on set and you're naked, it's literally the first minute or two. Once those minutes are over, you become a little bit of an exhibitionist. 'You know, this is actually very comfortable and liberating.'"

-- That's James Marsden talking to THR (thx Mac) about wiggling his cock-sock in Hannibal Lecter's general direction for Westworld. Actually James keeps saying "naked" over and again, making no mention of any cock-sock, so now he's got me wondering if it was full junk to the wind... and from there he's got me wishing there was a portal into Anthony Hopkins' brain a la Being John Malkovich so I could experience this scene through the good Sir's eyeballs. 

Anyway are we all watching the show? 
I like it well enough. Another shoe needs to drop 
(and more Ben Barnes Gay Sex please) but I'm in.

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Michael Scot said...

Yes to more Ben Barnes gay sex scenes!