Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quote of the Day

"I mean, look at my life! I'm naked in front of Anthony Hopkins, playing a robot. I welcome the craziness. And of course he's a consummate pro. We would cut, and in between takes, when I wasn't allowed to get up and put a robe on, he would tell me stories, acting as if I was clothed. It's funny; when you're on set and you're naked, it's literally the first minute or two. Once those minutes are over, you become a little bit of an exhibitionist. 'You know, this is actually very comfortable and liberating.'"

-- That's James Marsden talking to THR (thx Mac) about wiggling his cock-sock in Hannibal Lecter's general direction for Westworld. Actually James keeps saying "naked" over and again, making no mention of any cock-sock, so now he's got me wondering if it was full junk to the wind... and from there he's got me wishing there was a portal into Anthony Hopkins' brain a la Being John Malkovich so I could experience this scene through the good Sir's eyeballs. 

Anyway are we all watching the show? 
I like it well enough. Another shoe needs to drop 
(and more Ben Barnes Gay Sex please) but I'm in.


Michael Scot said...

Yes to more Ben Barnes gay sex scenes!

Anonymous said...

Man, James Marsden is still so freaking beautiful. Time has been kind to that boy.