Thursday, September 22, 2016

Scootin' to the Oldies

I really should've shared this news yesterday alongside those pictures of Scoot's furry little self on last week's episode of Halt and Catch Fire but I totally spaced, and that's okay! It gives me an excuse to play catch-up with several photo-shoots Scoot's appeared in over the past several weeks as the show's promotion (not to mention the million movies he's acting in) ramped up. 

Anyway, what news? The news that Scoot has just joined the cast of the third season of Fargo, that's what news! No word on who he'll be playing but it's not hard to picture him fitting right into the snowdrifts with a Midwestern accent, now is it? 

Also of utmost importance -- Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who just rocked a season of my favorite new (and probably old, since it probably won't be renewed) show BrainDead, also joined the cast of Fargo too! (thx Mac) I've loved MEW since way back (note to self -- do a post about that later today) but in the wake of BrainDead she's my bee's knees, so her & Scoot & Ewan McGregor, well, I am already counting the days until Fargo returns and it hasn't even shot a single frame of footage yet.

Anyway I've got a few more Scoots to share with you if you wanna hit the jump, or should I say scoot past the jump, and there they'll be...

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