Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Good Morning, World

Please tell me you guys are all watching Braindead. I mean I personally have been ultra-lax (that's probably the name of a laxative but you know what I mean) in nagging at you so if you're not it's so totally all my fault and I will accept Aaron Tveit's lashings, but I did post about it before it began and I have tweeted a few times (example one and example two) so be gentle, Aaron. 

Anyway the show's a total delight, injecting all the goofiness and politics into the Invasion of the Body Snatchers story that we never knew we needed until they showed us we did, and then some. They say every generation gets the Body Snatchers story they deserve (no really, they do, go back and look at how each film corresponds to its era perfectly, and yes I definitely include Abel Ferrera's 1993 film... but okay maybe not that Nicole Kidman crap from a decade ago) and Braindead, with its sing-song intros and high-dollar pant-suits, is an epic document of the here and the now.

Anyway it's also an epic testament to the allure of Aaron Tveit without clothes on, so hit the jump for a few more random shots from in and around this week's latest episode and so forth...


Anonymous said...

Watching and loving! I totally appreciate all the gratuitous male flesh and plentiful sex scenes. It would be a tuff choice but I'd have to dump Danny so I could do Aaron I want to wake up to my husband Charlie Semine running my fingers threw his chest hair that he'd stop clipping just for me.

Josh said...

I would've really liked this show even if Aaron Tveit hadn't started taking his shirt off a bunch, but this just makes the show so much better.