Friday, April 29, 2016

Bubble For Brains

Just put those lips together and blow, Aaron Tveit. (gif via)

So if I told you that there is a new series set to air on CBS this Summer from the creator of The Good Wife, and it was set in Washington DC, and it was going to star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Tveit, and Tony Shaloub among others, I'm wondering how long it would take you to guess that the plot is about, and I quote:

"... a new staffer on Capitol Hill who comes to realize that parasitic bugs have begun to infect politician's brains and are dumbing them down."

I am thinking that's a plot description that'd be pretty far down your list of plot descriptions, at least coming from this source (maybe if Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson or George Romero was involved we'd be less shocked), and yet here we are. BrainDead is what it's called (really!) and it will begin airing on June 13th. And now there's a trailer! Watch:

I might sound incredulous but I am actually intrigued.


Ryan T. said...

I cannot wait!

Bill Carter said...

I assume Louie Gohmert will be credited as a technical advisor.