Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Do Dump or Marry: Gimme Moor

We already knew and were very very excited about the news that Daniel Craig & David Oyelowo were planning on staging William Shakespeare's play Othello here in New York later this year. Well yesterday they announced the rest of the cast (thx Mac) and one name leapt off the page and pawed me in the eyes slash other pieces - our favorite tighty-whitied serial-killer Finn Wittrock will be playing the role of Cassio, aka Othello's right-hand bro. Oh to be a chorus boy trolling this backstage area! 

But if you did happen to be a chorus boy trolling this backstage area, whose "backstage area" (wink wink) would you troll the hardest? I pray thee Take to the comments to Do, Dumpeth & Wed the three menfolk of our most extraordinarie tale, but do make sure thou weigh'st thy words before thou givest them breath!!


Ryan T. said...

Never really got into Finn so I'll dump him. I'll do Daniel Craig, because I feel like he's a one-night kind of guy. Marry Oyelowo.

Anonymous said...


kidwicked said...

Marry Daniel! Duh!
Do Oyelowo.
and Dump Finn! Hate him!!!!

Petey said...

Ugh, can't stand Finn either--I find him as appealing as diarrhea.

Do Oyelowo

Marry Daniel

and flush Finn down the toilet.

W.R. said...

Do Finn
Dump Daniel
Marry David