Monday, November 30, 2015

Take Me Captive, David Oyelowo

Have any of you guys heard about, or maybe even seen, some movie called Captive with David Oyelowo and Kate Mara, which apparently was released back in September? I was looking up David because of his upcoming Othello on Broadway with Daniel Craig (sidenote: if anybody wants to buy me tickets to that for Christmas, go ahead and feel free!) and I stumbled across that picture above and, uh, now I would like to see Captive please. Here's the trailer:

And after the jump some more pictures...


Anonymous said...

Well hello, My Oyelowo. He not only looks amazing shirtless, he fills out those t-shirts and pants quite nicely AND looks like back-up dancer for the "Vogue" video when he's running around wearing that black jacket with no shirt. Color me intrigued.

Dre Brown said...

Shout out to David Oyelowo! I didn't know he was living like that. Jebus.