Thursday, July 07, 2016

Quote of the Day

"I think I've been very lucky most of all to work with actors who are so bold and willing to use their bodies as devices. You don't get any bolder than Jena Malone. Fucking hell, what an actress.... Everyone wants to be nice. Nice means pleasant. Pleasant is not interesting in my opinion."

-- Over at The Film Experience our pal Nathaniel got to chat up director Nicolas Winding Refn about his new movie The Neon Demon and beyond; there are several quote-worthy passages but I figured why not go with Jena, she's got the praise coming. (If we're keeping score I have been maintaining her excellence for a long time, longer than you, so I win.) Anyway go read the entire interview -- Refn gives good interview. And here's my review of The Neon Demon in case you missed it. What a movie.

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