Thursday, July 07, 2016

Boldly Gay Where No Gay Has Gayed Before

My first thought upon reading this morning's news that the character of Mr. Sulu (played by John Cho in the big currently ongoing movie franchise, and played by noted homosexual George Takei in the original series) is revealed to be gay in Star Trek Beyond, this Summer's blockbuster-to-be, was to wonder if Bryan Fuller is sad that he got beaten to this, the gay Star Trek character milestone - you just know there's going to be a gay main character in his upcoming Star Trek TV show. But that was momentary - good on writer Simon Pegg for finally breaking the franchise's gay glass ceiling! Read all about it over here. Any idea who plays Sulu's partner? Please please please tell me it's Kal Penn...


Pierce said...

JA, I keep wanting to hit your like button. Have you actually sat through this Michael Fassbinder Macbeth? I have gotten to the scene where he was crowned, but it's so slow and tedious, It's going back to Netflix. Did you like it? It's no Throne of Blood, that's for sure. Fassbinder himself thinks that's the best version of this play ever made, and frankly, he's right!

James said...

JJ Abrams' worst nightmare is coming true. A gay character in Star Trek?? The horror!