Thursday, June 23, 2016

Statham & Chill

Like a bowl of inviting warm oatmeal or stubby fingers mashing into my spine, I always welcome a new Jason Statham movie after a long day of work - they take the pressure off. The pressure to think, to act, to do anything but glory in the purposeful bald point of his determined head moving from one room to another room with great force. And so we come to a new sequel to his old movie The Mechanic, which is entirely indistinguishable from all the other movies he's done before, which is the way it should be. 

This movie's out on August 26th, so vaguely remember that date until it passes without notice and then some time later the movie shows up on cable when you've got your feet up and your head hurts and you need to be still like vegetables, lay like broccoli. Until then hit the jump for more shirtlessness from the trailer...

1 comment:

Scot said...

You've shown Statham in that silver speedo before but I don't know if you've ever shown him in the leopard print speedo. He was quite the manly dancer!