Thursday, June 23, 2016

Queer For Quarry

I was just thinking about Logan Marshall-Green after including The Invitation in my list of the best movies of the first half of the year, when lo behold some more Logan Marshall-Green should appear. It's a sign! What the sign signifies I don't know, and unless it's a great big arrow pointing Logan Marshall-Green to my bedroom I probably don't care, but we'll bite for a moment anyway because he took his top off and it's the least we could do.

I guess Mr. Marshall-Green has got a television program coming out later this summer - it's called Quarry and Logan stars as a mustache just back from Vietnam (pronounced Vee-it-nammmm) who gets pulled into a bad bad world of bad bad things by the excellent and underrated Peter Mullan (who I've been a fan of ever since Session 9). Collider has a few more images and also gave us the trailer, which you can watch below.

Quarry's coming to us from some folks behind the shows Rectify 
and  Banshee, and it arrives on September 9th on Cinemax.


Anonymous said...

Love Logan Marshall Green. Got to see him completely naked in an
Off-Broadway play a few years ago. Very nice surprise.

ht said...

...from some folks behind the shows Rectify
and Banshee

Now that is a fascinating mix. So this will be an incredibly violent, incredibly beautiful, emotionally draining slow burn kinda show.