Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quote of the Day

Alexander Skarsgard has been making the good-natured rounds with Tarzan this week, keeping a lovely smile on his face for what's probably gonna be a bit of a flop - he's a pro and as a pro he does what pros do, which is keep selling selling selling that ass. I've read a few of these interviews and he keeps batting around questions about the lack of a loincloth in the film but this interview over at PrideSource (leave it to the gays) is the first time I've seen him admit that "the lack of a loincloth" translates to, in flashbacks, total nakedness. Which makes sense, given the case he's been making! And this being a PG-13 family tent-pole (ha ha I said tent-pole) I doubt we're gonna get full-on cock shots. Still, it's a selling point. (thx Mac) But that bit's not the quote to take away from that interview - the keeper is at the very end, right after he and the interviewer talk about prepping for gay sex with Ryan Kwanten:

PrideSource: When can we expect you to do
something as gay as True Blood again?
Skarsgard: (Laughs) Well, I mean,
next time I get drunk probably.

And he ain't teasing us either, seeing as how we've got several on-the-record examples (see here and especially see here... and he was probably drunk when he did this too) of just that happening!


Dre Brown said...

Gay media makes we want to crawl under a desk.

Anonymous said...

43 million four-day weekend. Not amazing, but definitely not a flop.