Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Alessandro Nivola is 44

I'm hoping to get some thoughts on The Neon Demon out before today's over, in which case I'll presumably have something more to say on Alessandro's super fun little role in it, but since it's his birthday today as well I figure I should also acknowledge that... so here we are. Happy birthday, buddy! I posted a few shots from this photo-shoot back in April but somehow this one, the best one of them all, passed me by. I mean it's no tennis shorts but it'll do.

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Drew said...

Curious what you thought of it. I saw it kind of by accident today. Was initially in the mood for a mindless blockbuster, but I wanted to kill myself after ten minutes of Warcraft, so I left and looked around the theater for what else was showing. Neon Demon was still in the opening credits, so I figured why not (I feel kinda bad that my money went to the big-budget fantasy movie and not the independent artsy one). It's obviously a really beautiful film, with hypnotic music and images. But the subject matter is so overdone. It was like a mix of Mulholland Drive and Black Swan. And the last 20 minutes were just too much for me. But Jena Malone was awesome!