Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Good Morning, Belated Tom Wlaschiha

Make-up time! Yesterday was Game of Thrones actor Tom Wlaschiha's 43rd birthday but he got bumped from his "Good Morning" spot when Tom Hiddleston propped up his bulge as if his life depended upon it. We felt bad about that because we don't get to post about Tom (whose last name we still have no idea how to pronounce even though I'm pretty sure you guys already explained it to me one time) often but when we do, we like it. Oh and also we found a scene from a 1999 German movie called Ich wuensch dir Liebe (does that translate to "I Desire Love" or what?) where he climbs out of a bathtub wearing nothing but some soap bubbles and a smirk; that matters as well. Hit the jump for the NSFWness...

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Axelson Weiwei said...

The translation would be "I wish you love"