Monday, June 20, 2016

Good Morning, Tom Hiddleston

Well my apologies to Tom Wlaschiha, whose birthday it is today and whose birthday post I was in the middle of working on when these pictures of another Tom, the Hiddleston one, popped up in my timeline -- these clearly take priority. 

Give him Bond! He wins! (Unless Idris Elba wants to do his own shoot. Ball's in your court, Idris!) Ingenious dropping these on a Monday morning, though - it's the opposite of a politician dropping some sordid something on a Friday at 4:30 before a holiday weekend. Tom will dominate (full stop?) the entire week with his snug little white boxer shorts.

These shots are from W Magazine by the way, and apparently there's an interview with him too, but is anybody going to be able to stare at it without cross-eyes for a couple of hours? Certainly not me. If y'all are stronger than me let me know if he talks about the fit of these snug little white boxer shorts the whole time; then maybe I'll do my best and give it a go.


Simone Cromer said...

I gotta hand it to Tom, he went full Sexy Bitch with this photoshoot to prove that he's a viable candidate to be the next James Bond. And you're right, the ball is in Idris' court and I want to see the same amount of man skin!

Anonymous said...

He will certainly be able to pull off the swimsuit scenes.

The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

That man boils my Ovaltine! and he dresses to the right. ;-)

George G said...

And on a sexy side note, it appears this was shot at one of the rooms in The Standard Hotel, the same hotel where Fassy had his on-window sex scenes in Shame. I'd recognize that Koi chair anywhere, as they come (ahem) standard with most of the rooms at The Standard.