Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Am Link

--- Dance With The Devil - My month of Broadway has pretty much come to an end (okay I am seeing Gillian Anderson do Streetcar a second time tomorrow because as I said before it's the greatest thing I have ever seen and the thought of never being able to see it ever again filled my heart with unspeakable panic) and having seen the American Psycho musical twice I can heartily agree with our pal Nathaniel's rave for the show over at The Film Experience last night. Honestly I'm really glad that Psycho is scheduled to run all Summer because there's no way I won't be going back at some point.

--- Gods & Women - I definitely haven't been doing these link round-ups often enough lately because I go through the list of things I want to talk about each time and there's always something where I'm like, "Wait I haven't mentioned that yet?" Like the fact that I haven't mentioned the news that Marvel finally officially announced the Supporting Cast for the third Thor movie and it includes Cate Blanchett as the big bad Hela, Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Karl Urban as Skurge. My goodness.

--- Trilogy Of Terror - At Cannes, when he wasn't busy getting booed or beefing with Lars Von Trier, Nicolas Winding Refn announced he is producing remakes of three count 'em three great old horror films - he's setting up remakes of Maniac Cop (which will have a daunting task matching the hotness of Young Bruce Campbell lemme tell ya what) and Witchfinder General (which will have a daunting task re-casting a role once played by Vincent Price lemme tell ya what) and then he's remaking the 1972 giallo What Have You Done To Solange?, which, well... yeah. I hope he casts Solange Knowles? Oh and here's a new interview with Refn that I haven't read yet, perhaps there's something fun.

--- And Speaking of things I haven't read yet here's a long talk with Pedro Almodovar for Variety -- I guess it's mostly about his new movie Julieta, which I believe is out in Spain now. I mean that's what it should be about I suppose, since it's out. He tells them that the film was once meant to be his English-language debut and it was going to star Meryl Streep! So many gay people just exploded.

---  War Mongers - Christopher Nolan probably isn't too worried about my opinion, but let me just tell him anyway - because if I personally stopped caring about my opinion I don't know what I'd do - that he needs to win me back after the several heapings of crap he's served recently. And I hope he can with Dunkirk, his new WWII movie, because it's got a helluva cast - Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and Mark Rylance for starters. Anyway all of that we already knew but the movie has begun shooting and if you click here you can see some promising shots from the set; it looks pretty epic.

--- Girl Powered - It struck me a few days ago that Joss Whedon's all but vanished from the world, and I thought to myself that maybe he'd just pop up with a new Shaekspeare movie one of these days a la the glorious surprise that was Much Ado About Nothing, but before I could entertain that thought for too long a new interview with him appeared and it sounds like he has been working on a fresh script, about, and I quote, "a girl who goes through some unbelievable shit." That's all he offers, and that's basically the log-line of everything he's ever made, so I am going to pretend it's a big-screen Buffy movie is what I am gonna do. 

--- The Dandy Man Can - We should've mentioned this news yesterday when we posted that photo-shoot of Finn Wittrock but we spaced - he's got a new role! One not on American Horror Story! He's going to co-star in Jenny Slate's new movie (thanks Mac) directed by her Obvious Child collaborator Gillian Robespierre - it's called Landline and it will also star Edie Falco, Jay Duplass, John Turturro and Abby Quinn, and it sounds like it (unsurprisingly) will focus on the female members of that cast with the men-folk playing second fiddles. And yes it's been difficult for me to make it through this paragraph without mentioning the fact that Jenny Slate is dating Chris Evans and goddamn her! Ahem.

--- Myers Oh Myers - The first headline I saw about this story last night was terribly misleading and made it sound as if John Carpenter was going to direct the next Halloween movie, but that is not the case - he is merely executive-producing, which is a job title that translates in my ears to "slapping his name on so the movie feels more justified and then he pockets a bunch of cash in return." I mean I always read the title "Executive Producer" that way, it's not personal to Mr. Carpenter, but I have very little belief he'll be all that much involved with the project.


Ryan T. said...

One of these days Whedon will surprise with a musical Shakespeare adaptation and that day will be the best day ever.

Dale M. said...

Oh, no! American Psycho just posted closing notices. It will leave Broadway next Sunday, June 5!!!