Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I'd Rather Be Staring At Tahar Rahim

This post is basically for me and me alone because I'd tweeted out astonishment not too far back that there is a show in the world that stars Mr. Rahim and Samantha Morton in the world and somehow I hadn't been hearing jack-squat about it -- this post is just me reminding myself to figure out how the hell I watch The Last Panthers, which is what said show is called, immediately. I know Sundance is airing the European-produced show here in the US, but I gotta get on that, specific-wise. Have any of you gotten on that? By "that" I mean the show, not Tahar, but if any of you have gotten on Tahar I want to hear that story even more. Hit the jump for seven more shots of the beautiful talented man in question...

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Carlos said...

Well I liked the series a lot. It paints a pretty accurate portrait of how crime works in Europe and the cast is fantastic. They use Serbian actors for the Serbian parts, which is not usual. But the reviews for this had been pretty negative for some reason. I recommend it though.