Friday, May 20, 2016

Theater, Queen

I was planning on chilling tonight with the new Greta Gerwig but instead I won a ticket to see Jessica Lange & Gabriel Byrne & Michael Shannon do A Long Day's Journey Into Night on Broadway, so that's what I'm doing... even if it does make three nights in a row seeing three big depressing plays. As I made mention of I saw The Crucible with Ben Whishaw and Saorsie Ronan on Wednesday. 

And then last night I saw The Judas Kiss at BAM, which is what these pictures are from -- that's Tom Colley up top, who was... he was just a special effect, you guys. I have never seen a human person in the flesh shaped like that before. (Click here for our recent great big gratuitous post on the actor, it's super worth it.) Here is another shot, with him laying behind the also finely shaped Charlie Rowe:

And yet besides those three shows I'll have seen this week I also saw two shows last week - I saw Charlie Cox on stage in Incognito, and then of course there was Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire, which I had a lot to say about right here. (And I feel kind of bad that I saw Streetcar first because everything else has had to exist in the shadow of that staggering central performance.)

Anyway if you know me you know all of this is an outlier the likes of which we've never seen before. Never! I have lived in New York for 15 years but I hardly ever go see theater, maybe a couple times of year at most. And now it's every night. My brain kind of hurts from all the drama, and I feel like four hours of Eugene O'Neill might push me over the damn edge tonight, but whatcha gonna do?

These final few pictures I stumbled upon looking for more pictures of Tom Colley -- it appears the costume designer for Judas Kiss keeps a Pinterest page; you can hit the jump for a few pics of the cast and under-studies in their over- and under-garments...

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p said...

I hope you enjoy Long Day's Journey into Night. It's the greatest play in the American Theater and a play you can see again and again and never see the same play twice. It's like Hamlet. So many different interpretations. I saw it the last time it was on Broadway with Vanessa Redgrave and it was brilliant. That was, I think my fourth stage production of the play. The film with Katharine Hepburn is incredible, and there's a TV production with an African American cast. Ruby Dee plays Mary Tyrone.

I hope you like the production and write about it favorably. Also, did you like The Crucible? I saw Ben Whishaw play Hamlet at the Old Vic, and it was, I think my 10th Hamlet, but he is the best. The most recent was Benedict Cumberbatch and while he was good in the role, the production, especially the second act, was really strange.

I'm seeing the road company of The Book of Mormon for the second time tomorrow afternoon.