Friday, May 13, 2016

He's (Out) Back

Before I get to Mick (John Jarratt), the big grinnin' bloke murderer of Wolf Creek, we need to speak of Greg McLean, the director of the big grinnin' bloke murderer of Wolf Creek, aka the silver fox you see on the right of that picture. As I told you back in April Mr. McLean's new film The Darkness was coming for us, and The Darkness has finally settled -- his new horror movie with Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell is out in theaters this weekend! Yeah I haven't seen much in the way of ads or reviews either. But it is indeed out, I just double-checked.I also skimmed a couple of reviews and it sounds... passable. I guess we'll see.

But back to Mick, terrifying Mick -- the six-part Wolf Creek miniseries that we also told you about has dropped onto the Australian streaming service called Stan (basically their Netflix, I guess). No diea when anyone outside of Australia will be able to see the show, but until then we'll just have to enjoy this new interview that our pal Glenn Dunks did with John Jarratt himself (!!!) as well as John's new co-star in the series, actress Lucy Fry. (Glenn, you lucky bastard!) Choice bit:

"The outback is kind of like the ocean. You know how the ocean is beautiful and magnificent, but also mysterious and dangerous? You just want to go in there, but then you think ‘Shit! I could get eaten by a shark’. Well, Mick’s the white pointer."

Okay I need to wrap this post up because the longer I write about this thing that I cannot watch immediately the angrier I am getting. The funny thing is that since nudity travels faster than the speed of light I was made aware of this show being available first, like seconds after it went online in Australia, because it apparently has a bunch of male nudity in it! (For example, below you will see actor Peter Rossi.) So besides wanting the Wolf Creek series because I love Wolf Creek now I have the added incentive of hot dudes. It's too much, dammit! I'm flying to Australia.


Simone Cromer said...

The Aussies have a unique way of scaring the shit out of you.

nickelodeon said...

0% on Rotten Tomatoes hardly counts as "passable."

JA said...

Yikes! I hadn't checked RT but I did read a couple of actual reviews and they weren't glowing or anything but they weren't really big pans either.

That's why I don't particularly like RT - the line between a positive and a negative review can often be blurry and its numbers approach makes garbage of that fact.

Anonymous said...

"the line between a positive and a negative review can often be blurry and its numbers approach makes garbage of that fact."

Exactly! I can't tell you how many times that I've seen a mixed-to-positive review marked as negative on that site.

nickelodeon said...

Good point, JA. Quantifying quality isn't as easy as RT would have us believe ... and RT does seem to err on the side of snark.