Thursday, May 12, 2016

Alden's in the Army Now

"To me, when I cast, the first thing you think of is, ‘I am going to be studying that actors face for two hours.' You need somebody whose face is an emotional landscape that has layers and depth to it. Sometimes it’s difficult when you’re a young age to have that quality. It’s not just about being pretty. I read somewhere and its true — something about Alden that calls for me actors of a past era.... He’s very masculine and virile, but his comical talents are amazing. He’s very light, very quick, and very sharp. It’s an amazing contrast. It’s a question of range, he has an amazing range."

That's the director Alexandre Moors, who previously made the well-received Beltway Sniper picture Blue Caprice (which I just realized I still haven't seen yet) talking to EW about Alden Ehrenreich, the star of his next film The Yellow Birds, seen above in the first still looking plenty virile and plenty masculine in his Army uniform. Alden really does have a killer face.

Anyway (even though it's weird to make this kind of about me) it's weird seeing publications like EW suddenly caring about Alden after I've been crowing about him for so long, but I guess getting cast as "Young Han Solo" will capture people's attention. Similarly this film The Yellow Birds is going to get much more press now and the director too is clearly happy about it! Read more from the director at the link. The movie co-stars Tye Sheridan, Jack Huston and Jennifer Aniston and it should be playing festivals later this year.

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