Friday, May 06, 2016

An Ehrenreich Far Far Away

Well, he got it. (And now I've got Alden Ehrenreich reenacting that scene from The Comeback stuck in my head.) Alden, recently seen being delightful in everything he deems worthy of his talents, specifically the Coens' Hail Caesar and Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine and Beautiful Creatures and Stoker, has won (although as I recently expressed on Twitter I'm dubious this is a "win") the role of Yougn Han Solo in the forthcoming Star Wars prequel spin-off movie. 

The great hope for this movie, besides Alden really being very talented, is the fact that Chris Miller and Phil Lord (director of The Lego Movie) are making it -- they've proven an ability to use other people's spare parts in exciting ways. I just worry that HARRISON FORD AS HAN SOLO is a fool's errand to scale and the need to ape or not ape his performance will overwhelm the project.

That said we've been championing Alden way before most anybody even knew who he was (except for Steven Spielberg who discovered Alden at a bar mitzvah) - we did a big gratuitous post on him in 2011 after he'd done a couple projects with different Coppolas. (Not a shabby way to enter the biz, of course.) You're welcome, Alden.


Ryan T. said...

I'm just surprised the Internet seems to have greeted this casting news with friendly fare. I thought I would have had to defend Alden's bonafides.

JA said...

Ryan T -- I think the fact that he's approved by Bro Movie Geek Gods the Coen Brothers probably fended off a lot of that criticism.

sowhatelse said...

I thought he was the best thing in the otherwise dreary Hail Caesar! but Han Solo, he is not.

Rob said...

Will always love him for the Hail Cesar "Would that it were so simple" scene with Ralph Fiennes.

e.esquire said...

i absolutely loved "hail caesar" , i saw it in the theater 3 times ! ! !