Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fran Kranz Can't Help It

Even though we all know that Fran Kranz looks like THAT with his clothes off he's still made a nice little career for himself playing Office Nerds, or at least Office Nerd Adjacent -- Topher on Dollhouse; he was the stoner in The Cabin in the Woods but that movie's still about skewering office culture; and then in the past year or so there's been Bloodsucking Bastards (a vampire comedy about you guessed it Corporate Culture which I reviewed here)...

... and now there's Rebirth, a satire about the self-help side of business folks. Click over to The Film Experience to read my review of that film from Tribeca (alongside my review of the horror comedy Fear Inc, which is kinda similar in strange ways).

But back to Rebirth for a second -- the film co-stars Adam Goldberg, seen above, and if you were wondering who I was talking about last week when I talked about "surprise penis" well there ya go. Fran also has an extensive shirtless scene, but at this point that seems to be a blessed given - he will always remind us what's he's working with under his Office Nerd outfits, and we appreciate it every time.

By the way these shirtless pics of Fran aren't from Rebirth, they're from the movie The Living, which I somehow have never capped properly, which is insane and I don't know what's wrong with me. There aren't very many pictures available from Rebirth online yet though (no word on a release or anything) so we'll make due with these. Make due!

We actually have Fran News though! He just recently got cast in the movie adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series! Dunno who he's playing but I hope whoever it is it's a character that has lots and lots of love scenes with Idris Elba, that's what I hope.


Peggy Sue said...

Fuck yeah!

J.D. Alexander said...

holy moley! This is the first time I ever seen Fran Kranz shirtless. His body is amazing!

Dre Brown said...

It STILL blows my mind. Such a nice surprise.