Thursday, April 21, 2016

Show Me Your King Cobra & I'll Show You Mine

Color me as surprised as anybody that King Cobra -- the gay porn crime bio-pic starring Garrett Clayton as real-world twink Brent Corrigan, who got wrapped up in murder most foul, alongside James Franco and Christian Slater -- is actually kinda terrific, but kinda terrific it is. You can now read my review from the Tribeca Film Festival over at The Film Experience. 

Now I know some of you guys are looking for a laundry list of who shows what, nudity-wise, and you won't get it over there - honestly I was enjoying the movie too much to even keep track. I will say that as I scan my memory back over I don't remember seeing any penises, and that's usually the sort of thing one remembers. (For example I just got out of a movie half an hour ago that had a surprise penis appearance I won't soon forget.) There are butts, lots of them, and there's a lot of sex - it's a horny movie, unapologetically so. I did not leave disappointed, anyway. You should totally see it.


George G said...

What surprise penis is this you speak of??

Pannyxeos said...

Yes, I second George's question. Wherefore does this surprise peen come from?

JA said...

Adam Goldberg shows his penis in Rebirth, a satiric-thriller co-starring Fran Kranz (I wish it had been Fran's penis, clearly, but Fran does at least get shirtless several times)