Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bloodsucking Bastards in 200 Words or Less

Bloodsucking Bastards has a lot of title but not much to back it up - there's a game and agreeable cast stranded in palookaville, if palookaville meant no place and no how. Pedro Pascal is especially having a heap of fun, but casting Fran Kranz (adorkable and fuzzy as he might be) makes the Cabin in the Woods comparisons deafening, and ultimately deadly - you just keep thinking oh yeah remember when this stuff was all punchy and keen? 

Punchy and keen! Whereas Cabin was giddy with cart-tipping invention Bastards is bluntly traditional (and jeez guys let up on the dude-brah gay panic once in awhile - one or two jokes at the dude-brahs expense is fine and fun, but hammer it constantly and it feels like your ethos and not a critique). Meanwhile the budget limitations are smothering -- there's a nifty joke at the movie's expense on that front well into it but too little too late, signaling that somebody looked at the dailies a few days into the shoot and realized everything felt cardboard-box-sized. I've no issue with small budgets but the people gotta pop, and these characters and situations run towards the single sided.

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